Monday, January 24, 2011

what a life!

The kids have kept us on our toes most days. Between wanting to go somewhere and wanting to play. John has been home waiting to hear back from a job and we are still waiting. I am a coule weeks shy of the second trimester, and have had morning sickness and cramps when i sneeze (which is normal, but very painful.) I love being pregnant just not all the symptoms that comes with it. We can't wait to find out what we are going to have, even though its still a ways away.
Since yesterday kaden has been sick, we though it was something he ate in the morning, but its not. We decided not to go to church for the fact that john didn't feel up to it and i didn't want to be sick at church. Its a very good thing we didn't go because kaden started to throw up around noon time. It was touch and go for the day with kaden. He kept a couple crackers down, and some pedealite+ which is what he had for a small snack before bed.) I heard home coughing so i asked john to check on him, well there's a new symptom he was running a fever. We gave him some tylenol tablets and sent him back to bed hoping that his 101.7 would go down. which it did so i decided to go to sleep. John was up and down out of bed. Kaden woke up around one thirty screaming at the top of his lungs and we bothnew why. He had thrown up in bed (since he doesn't get the consept of running to the bathroom) so john ad i got out of bed, and i held the garbage can while kaden threw up, and john was kind enough to take care if his bed. To here's to hoping he is better, and that no one else gets sick. We all had the stomach bug around christmas time. Wish Iwhy the sickness starts with kaden and where he picks it up. We sanitize the carts at the grocery store and we are teaching him the proper way of washing his hands and using sanitizer. Having sick kids takes alot out of you. So what you need to learn out of this is, teach your child to always aim for their bed (which is easy to clean up), in the trash can, and or in the bathroom.
Noah has been cruisen all over the place, he has fineally mastered the slow and I am trying to get away from you fast crawl. He is learning new things when ddi comes for his development help. He still sits in a w position but bot very often. He knows now how to feed himself, treats and cereal. He will not yet touch the mac and cheese or other foods.. the last couple days he is learning lots, my favorite this is he is taking one step at a time, but just the one step. I can't wait for him to start taking more then one step. The last week noah either has a bug or something like that, he has had the diahrreah for the last week. We are hoping its almost done because of how many diapers we have gone through. He always has his cute smile on his face even while not feeling the best. I love my kids and husband very much. I wish i could take all their problems away. I don't know what i would do without them.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

So a month ago i started weight watchers, it started out really great. I realised i started having more energy and wasn't sitting all the time. But then going out on mini vaca's and such i was thrown off track and didn't stick with it so well. ANYWAYS, I am back on and let's hope i get this weight off me and do things i want to in life. I wish i didn't have a digital scale because when i get on it, it always says a diffrent number. It goes up and then down, up and then down, it really sucks. I feel good that I am doing so well with sticking to my goals and the next day or 2 it says a diffrent number, what to do. Some times I feel like i am failing my family because i am not loosing the weight as fast as we all would like. My goal right now is to loose15-20 pounds before trying to have another child. I think it is a good idea, and if i am on a roll I will continue to loose and just wait to have another baby.
Noah still have 2 teeth (and is grumpy as ever), but he knows now how to walk along the couch's but that's all he does. Still scoots and doesn't crawl, only says mama and dada, and he shakes his head no but doesn't know what it means. I don't think he is sleeping as well as he needs to and should during the night. Kaden is constantly screaming (in his sleep) about something and noah is either wide awake just playing or he is sleeping. John went and took care of kaden this morning at 4 in the morning and noah was just standing up in his crib playing away. Noah still cries and throws his fits when i am not holding him or in the same room. He is getting a little better during the day, he will let john hold him while i am sitting next to them but it's still really hard. When he wakes up he will be awake for 1/2 to an hour and then want to go back to sleep. Then takes his second nap at 1 and will want another oneat 6 for an hour then go to sleep for the night at 8. I am so glad that i have him and kaden in my life I don't know what i would do with out them.
kaden gets to start school next year, so we are very excited about that. He knows how to count to 10 and count fingers and such. We just need to learn our abc's, (which i sing to him while brushing his teeth and he tries to sing with me). I go over his shapes and colors but he just hasn't picked up on them yet, but he will in time. I am growing his hair out again till I can't stand it anymore (and it's almost to that point)but I love when his hair is wet and it shows all the cute curls. He is 3 yearls old and going on 13 some days with his attitude, but we have lots of fun coloring and painting. I am trying hard not to let him watch as much tv, but what to do when i need a break and it's too cold outside for him to play when noah is sleeping?
John and I can't wait till this summer when we are going to start looking for a house of our own. We are working on getting our bills paid off again or mostly paid off so we can get a house of our own. Its hard to be patient but we just need a place of our own. Life has it's ups and it's downs, but we all learn something in the end.

Monday, July 12, 2010

noah and kaden

Let's start by saying how much i love our kids and how much they make my life so exciting you never know what's going to happen next. kaden is now 3 years old and still is as silly and crazy as can be. he loves to draw now, and count to 10. well he counted correctly 1-10 for a while and now he just does random number but he will get it one of these days. he tries to tie his shoes, which means he just twists the shoe laces around and around and around till they wont go anymore. he loves to dance to any music, he moves his butt and shakes what he has, and when i watch him he gets embaraced.
Kaden is one of my angels in life when i am feeling down or is having a hard day he knows just how to cheer me up. Kaden will give me hugs and kisses, wipe my tears away (with his fist but gently), and he helps me out so much around the house. Kaden has my heart, and i hope he knows i would do anything for him to have a fullfilled life.
Right now kaden is sleeping upstairs on the in-laws couch, because we are having a sleep over while daddy is hard at work tonight. I look at him and think to myself, how much he means to me and how much i love him. I wish i could put it in words my feelings i have inside for my boys.

Now it's Noahs turn. What do i say about our chubby little man? he is 8 months old, and will be crawling soon, before he sits. (At least that's what it is looking like right now). He has been rolling around like a ball for the past 2 weeks about, and i love putting him in one spot, and checking on him and he is in a diffrent spot. He doesn't have any hair yet but a little peach fuzz, (he rubbed all of it off). He loves to shake his head no, but doesn't know what it means yet.
Noah has me wrapped around his little fingers, he knows that John and I don't like to hear him cry and scream, so he will cry louder and scream longer till we give him attention or pick him up. Unless I can sneak away out of the room, and be quiet about it then he is just fine, but when he hears you leave watch out here comes the screaming part.
Even though he can be hard at times, I just love it when he lays his head down on my shoulder after eating and just rests. I love that feeling, i have for sure bonded with him and love it.
I just am in love with both of my boys, it's hard to put in words and wish i could. I love my life and my family, and wouldn't change anything at all!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So we have moved into our own place and is loving life. it's nice and quiet where we are living. Now I just have to pull out my decorticating skills and use them. Kaden loves living here where there is a huge back yard and he can just go out and play. We are still looking for a good swing set for him though. He loves to just run around outside and dig in the dirt. Noah has been trying to roll over for a little while now and at 6 months he still hasn't rolled over but he is learning. He loves to watch Kaden and loves to laugh at him too. John has been working hard for our growing family and he supports our family 100 percent. I love my little boys and my husband so much!!!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

family pictures

so we went and had our family pictures taken before all the snow came and they turned out really well. We just set up our tripod and took them ourselves. They were all taken before noah was born two and a half weeks later he came. We are glad to have them taken at the time because we wouldn't have been able to have them done for a while due to noah being early.